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Healing and Protecting Your Tattoos and Skin Since 2020


I had a tattoo on my body, and I wasn’t able to find truly natural products with organic ingredients that would soothe the discomfort during and after the tattooing process. I recognized that not just having a tattoo is seriously painful, but removing it is equally uncomfortable. I felt the pain of those who have a tattoo on most parts or different parts of their bodies out of fun or love for this art. And that’s when Yumain Tattoo Care came into existence.

As the founder of Yumain Tattoo Care, a premium line of natural tattoo and skin products, I realized there is a shortage of genuinely natural and certified organic products for tattoos and skin that I can trust to use for my skin. This realization transformed into Yumain Tattoo Care brand, which uses organically certified, sustainably sourced, and natural vegan ingredients to formulate this unique product line.

My philosophy is to produce naturally authentic products for tattoo lovers. Tattoos that were once considered taboo have now become a personalized art choice of young and old. For them, their body is a canvas and a means for self-expression. A tattoo becomes a part of their physical body and identity, so it needs pampering just like the rest of the body. I highly appreciate this unique form of art, and I believe that this creativity and artistry is something to preserve. And my natural tattoo products are here to do that!


Yumain Tattoo Care provides a range of quality natural and organic 100% USDA certified tattoo care product line. We have designed it to deliver optimal care not just for your tattoo but also for your skin. Our company uses sustainably sourced natural ingredients to formulate our products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

We carefully search and evaluate natural ingredients that help care for and preserve your tattoos while soothing and rejuvenating your skin. Through our personalized approach, we select every ingredient with caution to ensure it delivers optimal benefits for your tattoo art and skin.

When you use our products, you know that they are made responsibly with personalized attention. Our cleansing foam, after-care lotion, and cream allow your skin to quickly heal while hyaluronic acid and tattoo balm keep your tattoo looking natural, bold, and vibrant for many years.

We constantly invest in research and strive to improve our tattoo and skin product line to achieve the best healing and calming effects. You can effectively use our products on all skin types. We are here to help you show off your tattoos with great skin, vibrancy, and pride!


Healing Doesn’t Necessarily Have to Itch or Hurt

It is a natural feeling that healing hurts or causes discomfort. But we want to make it a comfortable and itch-relieving experience for you. Our products incorporate unique natural ingredients known to soothe and calm skin while speeding up the healing process.

Addition of Moisture Should Equalize Skin’s Moisture Loss

We formulate all our products with naturally sourced ingredients that restore your skin’s moisture lost during the tattooing process and due to skin damage. We have tried to imitate the moisture content similar to your skin’s natural makeup, which promotes faster healing and efficient hydration.

The Best Ingredients Sourced from Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the best healer. We strongly believe that the ingredients we source from it have extraordinary soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties. Simple organic natural ingredients present in our products accelerate the natural healing process while rejuvenating your skin.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

At Yumain Tattoo Care, we source all our ingredients locally to support our small local businesses that provide organic natural raw materials for skin care products. By doing this, we try to fulfill our social responsibility that we have towards our community.

Premium Quality Care Matters

While we source all our ingredients from nature, we have an unwavering commitment to providing premium quality products to our clients. We strictly adhere to the highest standards during our product formulation, and our team tests each product for quality and effectiveness before reaching your hands.

Dermatological Tested Product Range

Yumain Tattoo Care provides you with dermatologically tested products, making them suitable for all types of skin. Our product range has an extremely mild nature, meaning it does not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritation, so that you can use them with confidence on any skin.
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